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How to change rotom form
How to change rotom form

How to change rotom form

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Go to Eterna City and enter the Team Galactic Dec 9, 2014 - I was thinking about doing competetive Rotom-Heat, but I have only that in previous games it was possible to change it's apperance and type. Rotom's eyes and electric aura will change colors and it gains differently-shaped aura appendages when it changes form: red with oven mitts for Heat Rotom, Feb 17, 2014 - Learn how to change Rotom forms in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Aug 21, 2012 - How To Change Rotom's Form. To change Rotom's form first you have to send Rotom over via the PokTransfer in Route 15, or received it in the trade in the same route, you will be able to take Rotom's Room (Japanese: ?????? Rotom's Room) is a hidden room in the It houses five appliances that Rotom can inhabit and thus change forms. There is a room within the store on Route 9 that has nothing but boxes in it. If you received the Secret Key from the special event (ended May 11, 2009), then you can change Rotom's form. How to get Rotom - Subscribe for more helpful & to-the point videos! Vivillon's Form differences are unique in that you cannot change them or even natively Interact with this box and you'll be able to change your Rotom's form. Rotom has five forms; Fan Rotom, Frost Rotom, Heat Rotom, Mow Rotom Jan 3, 2014 - You can change Rotom's form in the 2nd floor of Sycamore's Lab, in Lumiose City. If you interact with these boxes
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